ACAB includes Kamala Harris

Still Vote Biden 2020

Mary Kelley, Scarlet Staff

Do not mistake this article: Vote Biden 2020, but be aware of what you are voting for and recognize that the significance of this election has pushed American voters into a corner. Choose the lesser of the two evils, but recognize that you are still electing evil. Secondly, ACAB stands for “all cops are bastards,” but this phrase is in reference to the bastardization of the police force due to the amount of corruption. Not all cops are bastards, but those who are “good” are not actively holding the true bastards accountable and thus have been relegated to the position of bastards themselves. With these two notes clarified, Kamala Harris is a bastard. 

Harris served as the California Attorney General and the San Francisco District Attorney. During this time, she locked up black and brown people disproportionality for nonviolent crimes, including crimes relating to the now decriminalized possession of marijuana.  She is accused of ignoring rampant corruption in Orange county and has not waivered in her support of the police, despite the continued murder of BIPOC with evidence which includes the videos depicting the slaughter of Daniel Prude, George Floyd, and countless others. 

Since the recent added press coverage over the Black Lives Matter movement, Harris has openly expressed frustration at the lack of legal action taking place against the cops who murdered Breonna Taylor through the use of a “no-knock” warrant, which has since been banned in Louisville, KY. Harris has also discussed a need for “reimagining” public safety in response to the videos of protestors being beaten and tear gassed by trained riot officers. Harris is actively supporting a police reform bill that would ban racial profiling, chokeholds, and no-knock warrants, which is aiding her current run for VP, but many link her failed Presidential bill with her “pro-cop” stance. 

In 2011, Harris was silent in the wake of police brutality and murdering of POC in Oakland, California under her jurisdiction. She did not speak up about the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson or the run of police shootings in San Francisco in 2014. The lack of action was not unnoticed by her constituents, and Harris was pushed to change, however subtle it may have been. In 2016, Harris proposed a modest increase in exploring police misconduct and began two major investigations. New York Times writers Danny Hakim, Stephanie Saul, and Richard A. Oppel Jr. put it plainly: “[in 2016] Critics saw her taking baby steps when bold reform was needed — a microcosm of a career in which she developed a reputation for taking cautious, incremental action on criminal justice and, more often than not, yielding to the status quo.” It is that yielding to the status quo that seems to have made Harris an ally to the corrupt police force in California and what makes her a safe choice for running mate to status quo himself, Vice President Joe Biden. 

Over her career in California, Harris put well over 1,500 people behind bars on charges of Marijuana violations, disproportionately charging BIPOC and disadvantaged peoples. This is contradictory towards Biden’s campaign promise to decriminalize marijuana and expunge records of marijuana-related crimes. Over 50% of Harris’ drug arrests are on marijuana charges in California, a state where the drug has been legalized for medical use since the late ’60s and then legalized for recreational use in 2016.

Harris is still a step in the right direction. She is the child of immigrants, being the daughter to an Indian mother and a Jamaican father. She is BIPOC, well accomplished, and well educated. She proudly labels herself as “top cop” and a “progressive prosecutor”, which may seem counterintuitive in this current era of unprosecuted police corruption, most of which has plenty of physical evidence against the cops involved. There has yet to be evidence showing that Harris has moved on from her stances of no involvement, no prosecution of police, and no action, but her words seem to promise justice for the BIPOC currently fearing for their lives. The protests seem to have influenced her, or at least her current political aspiration. Whether she is saying what is needed to win the campaign or is speaking the truth of her future actions cannot be determined at this time. No matter what, she is years ahead of Pence. Vote Biden 2020.