The Biden Administration Is Not Your Ally

David Agosto-Ginsburg, Contributing Writer

Widespread celebrations were held across the United States on November 7th when it finally became clear that Joe Biden had won the 2020 Presidential Election. Many American liberals, including liberal political activists, are thrilled that Biden will be the next President of the United States. Their joy is (for the most part) not due to the platform that Biden ran on – however, as he ran on a platform of weak, incrementalist reforms, it is mostly due to the mere fact that Biden is a Democrat and that he is not Donald Trump. But will the Biden Administration actually solve any of the existential problems that the United States faces? I believe that Biden’s long career as a conservative Democrat and his astonishingly weak campaign platform clearly indicate that nothing will significantly improve under the Biden Administration.

The Biden Administration will do nothing to seriously combat the existential issues that the United States and the world are facing. Its policies on the climate, police reform, and coronavirus will consist of minor, incrementalist reforms at best. The platform is pro-fracking, pro-police, and refuses to support Medicare For All in the middle of a pandemic despite 69% of Americans supporting it. Biden doesn’t just oppose defunding the police, he actually wants to increase their budgets. The Biden Administration might do a better job than Trump on fighting coronavirus, but it will still bail out corporations and will likely do little to prevent millions of people from eviction in the near future. The Biden Administration will be an even greater disaster in the realm of foreign policy. It is ironic that Biden claimed in his victory speech that we will lead the world “by the power of our example,” when he was deeply complicit in the war crimes of the Obama Administration. The Obama administration killed thousands of civilians in drone strikes that often violated international law and effectively waged wars in 7 countries. At best, the Biden Administration will maintain American military hegemony and take more innocent lives with future foreign drone strikes. At worst, his administration will start new wars with some, if not all, of the many countries that the United States is currently at odds with.

I understand the urge to celebrate Biden’s election and Trump’s defeat, but we can’t comfort ourselves with the false notion that a Biden Administration will be on our side or that it will do anything to substantially improve our society or the world. Biden said it best when he told wealthy donors at a campaign fundraiser that “nothing would fundamentally change” if he is elected. If we do not challenge the future inaction of the Biden administration, then it will do nothing to resolve the very real issues that the U.S. and the rest of the world are facing.

I believe the failure of Democrats to respond to these issues in the past is part of the reason why Trump was able to win in 2016. In 2024 we will likely be in an extremely similar place to where we were in 2016, and it is entirely possible that the Biden Administration will be so unpopular that Trump or another far-right demagogue will be elected. If we want real change, we must get organized and demand that the Biden Administration push for real reforms. Not empty platitudes and largely useless incrementalism. We need to protest the evils that this administration will perpetuate. We need a mass movement that is strong enough to force the Democrats to listen to its demands, but even that will not be enough to bring about lasting change and achieve complete economic, racial, and environmental justice. We must build a new leftist political party that is run by and made for working people so that we can begin to actually address the existential issues we’re facing, instead of relying on two corporate parties that prioritize their donors over the survival of working people and the planet. It is only by building political structures completely independent of ideological parties that Americans who are not a part of the elite 1% can have any real influence over the policies of the U.S. government.


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