Are Clarkies getting the whole picture?

No, says one concerned citizen

Dear Editor,

While it is true that students at Clark are blessed to be enrolled in a progressive, liberal arts college that purports to offer a life-changing experience that can help change this world, I would like to question the Director of the Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies why the curriculum does not include any courses about Arab peoples, the displacement of Palestinians, the near extinction of Palestinian Christians, and the slow but definite reshaping of the cultural and physical landscape of Palestine and Israel to exclude,marginalize, and segregate Palestinians , following the occupation of Palestinian lands in 1967.

As a Jewish American I have become painfully aware of the price Palestinians-both Moslem and Christians-have paid , and continue to pay for Israel’s rebirth; what with the expansion of fundamentalist Jewish settlements on Palestinian lands, the depletion of their water resources, the demolition of their homes, the destruction of their olive groves, the building of the great Separation Wall, and the implementation of check points intended to humiliate them and restrict their movement.

A couple of years ago, a professor at the university at the Strassler Center, Deborah Dwork, wrote, in an op ed section of Newsday, that during Passover, Jews would be wise to think of the refugees living in the world today, being mindful of the fact that we Jews were once refugees, too. Incredibly enough, when rattling off a list of nationalities who have become refugees she neglected to mention the Palestinians who comprise the largest refugee population in the world.

I know it must be very uncomfortable for the director and professors of the Strassler Center to come face-to-face with the injustices perpetrated by Israel and the slow motion cultural genocide of the Palestinian people that is taking place since, historically, it is we Jews who have been the victims of such behavior.

But, in the interests of academic integrity, freedom of speech, and basic decency I call on the Center and students who are enrolled in their curriculum to challenge the prevailing status quo by, at least, opening up an inquiry, as to the plight of the Palestinians in the Holy Land today and their treatment at the hands of their conquerors, the Israelis.

~Harry Katz