Common Ground

By Gwen Walsh

Last week, on one of those warm, undeniably spring-like days, I decided to go for a walk. My plan was to stroll through Elm Park, but when I saw how shady and crowded it had gotten in the late afternoon, the sunny Becker College neighborhood across the street looked more inviting.

With its enormous Victorian homes, dynamic architecture and grand landscaping, the Becker campus is really quite picturesque. I wandered around for about an hour, looking at all the lovely mansions and musing at the fact that many of them were actually dorms.

Then I noticed that one of these estates was labeled Bullock Hall, just like on our fair campus! If you think Clark’s Bullock Hall is fancy with all its new renovations, you need to check out Becker’s version with its wide front porch, bay windows, and glass-walled sun porch.

So despite the stark differences in the geography of Clark and Becker, students at each are living in buildings named after the Bullock family (who residents probably know nothing about).

Also, did you know there is such thing as the Worcester Tennis Club?