CUSC reaches out

Building connections with UP and media groups

by Jeremy Levine
Scarlet Staff

This week’s meeting of the Clark University Student Council (CUSC) featured drama and intrigue, but mostly the allocation of money. Ali Canino, Vice President of the council, spoke with Chief of Police Stephen Goulet about reducing thievery on and off campus. An open forum on campus safety is coming soon.

Food Co-op requested $308 to set up a produce co-op in Red Square on Wednesday, November 2nd. For a brief time it seemed that the group would only receive $264, but Steve Harkey, Blackstone Hall Representative, requested that the full amount be allocated because the idea deserves a test run. The money was so rewarded.

STIR Magazine was awarded $1099 to pay for a printer and a laptop because they have a hard time operating around the library’s hour restrictions. There was some debate, with Rebecca Sonfist (first-year representative) backing the group strongly. The money was allocated.

Acceptance Campaign asked for $200 for stickers to raise awareness for their club and their message. However, according to the Grants Committee, their plan lacked details and direction, so the money was denied.

Mariana Lopez-Davila, a group of four people, requested $1189 to go to a psychology conference. Most of the money requested was for food, travel, and lodging, which Grants cannot cover for the non-recognized group. The group was given $40.

A point of clarification needs to be made. Grants Committee Chair, Maia Selkow, wanted the following to be noted about last week’s update to internal procedures: the Grants Committee has $6,000 in the Advocacy Fund per year. This money is for groups to go to events that raise awareness around specific non-violent issues. The idea is to offset the costs of attending such a conference, like lodging and food. These expenses can’t be covered by quarterly budgets. No more than 25% of any allocation can be used on food, unless Grants gives a food-waiver.

In other news, the communications committee is going to reach out to media groups on campus to build strong relationships with them. That does, of course, include this lovely gazette. Finally, due to the overwhelming success that was Cocoa with the Council, CUSC will be having cider with students on November 12th.