Editor’s Corner

No man is and island… except Becker College

by Gwen Walsh
Alumni Editor

Last Tuesday I sat at a broken red light at the corner of Trowbridge Road and Highland Street for exactly ten minutes. I know because I timed it and was nearly late to work. The malfunction was pretty evident – the cross traffic light turned yellow, then red, then green again three times before the car at the front of the line realized our light would never turn green and went for the left on red. Slowly but surely the rest of us followed suit, regardless of how wrong it felt to ignore the ingrained instinct to stop. When I finally made it to the nearby Honey Farms to refuel, I noticed a police cruiser idling in front, so I approached the officer to tell him about the problem. He was wearing the typical uniform with his badge, freshly burnished, displayed proudly on his chest. “Excuse me, I just wanted to let you know that the traffic light up the street isn’t working and there’s a little bit of a traffic jam,” I said. He stared back at me blankly. “…The one on the corner of Trowbridge and Highland,” I added after an uncomfortably long pause. “That’s Worcester,” he grunted. I started to tell him that yes, I did in fact know that I was in Worcester, when I looked down and read his name tag: Becker Security. “WPD,” he said gruffly before slamming his door, suggesting that it was their responsibility, not his.

Well, I didn’t realize that the Honey Farms on Highland Street is part of the Becker campus. I didn’t realize that someone driving a vehicle which says “Police” in huge letters and wears a shiny badge might not actually be an officer of the law. Seems a little misleading if you ask me. What if I had been in imminent danger? Then would he have done his part? There are nine colleges in Worcester, and all of their campuses overlap with the city at large, and their police forces can’t just ignore this. I wasn’t expecting him to get up on a ladder and repair the light, but maybe a call to the WPD isn’t too much to ask. Shouldn’t they be working together anyway? If the Becker security guards are unwilling to serve and assist the population at large, then they have no business leaving the little Becker bubble.