A world of advertising

by Ashley Klann

I hate flying home for the holidays. The ends justifies the means, so I do it, but the whole process of getting to the airport, being practically strip-searched in front of strangers, and having to hold a jumping jack pose while being electronically scanned is just ridiculous. I feel like it probably couldn’t get much worse.

When I finally get through that headache and am sitting in Logan’s kind of crappy terminals complete with hotel reject carpeting and linked chairs reeking of hospital waiting rooms, I take the free Wi-Fi gladly. I can waste some time on Facebook, keep mom up to date with my safe traveling, and see how much warmer it’s going to be when I’m home, and finally in the door.

This season, however, BMW wanted to make my life a little more ridiculous. Boston Logan, an airport that always prides itself on its free Wi-Fi for guests, now has BMW introducing the service. On their login page, the option for free Wi-Fi is only available if you take a survey or watch a video. Granted, I did write this in the meantime, so I wasn’t so subjected, but c’mon… Now, not only do I have advertisements blasting in my ear, on TVs and the intercom, but also on my own computer when I’m trying to get your free Wi-Fi? Enough already!