Cougar of the Week: Austin Knief

By Mai Hayashi
Scarlet Staff

Photo by Mai Hayashi

Name: Austin Knief
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: New York
Sport: Baseball
Position: First Base

Q. How long have you been playing baseball?

A. Since I was four years old. I played for my town’s team.

Q. How was last season for you? You appeared in a few games. How were you doing?

A. Last season I pitched in Florida, but my arms got injured. So I will move to first base this season. I like pitching but I’m missing hitting.

Q. This season will begin soon (March 3rd). How do you feel about it?

A. This season our team had a few losses because some sophomores transferred to other schools, but I’ve been preparing myself. During spring break, we have ten games in Florida. I’m excited to begin under the sunshine in Florida.

Q. Do you have any games or colleges that you are looking forward to playing?

A. I’m looking forward to playing Babson and Wheaton College because they are two of the best teams.

Q. How is the condition of your team?

A. In terms of how good we are, the seniors are stepping up. It’s not going to be an easy tournament. I think team chemistry is important. I’m trying to hang out with my teammates.

Q. Do you have any memorable games or moments?

A. Yes, last season in Florida. The season stated 5-1. That was a highlight of the season.

Q. How did baseball change your life?

A. It’s different now. When I was a kid, I just wanted to play baseball and it was a reason to wake up in the morning. Now, it’s kind of a job. I need to be more serious, work hard, and take responsibility. It changed my lifestyle in college.

Q. What is your motivation to play?

A. The main reason is feeling good, and just winning games.