Walking the walk in the right direction

A closer (less cynical, biased and partisan) look at Mass. Senator Scott Brown

By Justin P. Griffin
Contributing Writer

Remember the part in Animal House where Dean Wormer excoriates one of the Delta House brothers offering the following advice: “Son, fat, dumb and stupid is no way to go through life!”

While Dean Wormer’s words may be a bit harsh, they do ring true to some extent. This is exactly the advice I would provide to The Metro West Young Democrats on their recent criticisms of Senator Scott Brown regarding his efforts on job creation.

In a letter to the editor, the group cites Senator Brown’s opposition to the Obama “jobs bills” as an indication that he is somehow against the “99%” and in favor of tax breaks for millionaires. Senator Brown’s votes against the Obama jobs bills are in no way an attempt to provide “tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans,” on the contrary they are an attempt to stimulate growth in the private sector, and to create and protect jobs for those who need them. The fact of the matter is President Obama’s Jobs Bill would have raised taxes on small business and created an even heavier burden on an already struggling economy. This would not only exacerbate our already fragile economy, but lead to further unemployment. It is simply cynical, biased, and overly partisan to suggest that Senator Brown’s efforts could be construed in such a way.

Senator Brown voted against raising taxes on private sector businesses struggling in the Obama economy. He voted against continued engagement in “class warfare” as supported by the Occupy Wall Street Clan. Most importantly Senator Brown understands that the more taxes extracted from Massachusetts citizens and sent to Obama’s Washington, the worse this economy will become. Creating jobs is a priority of Senator Brown, as demonstrated by the 10 pieces of legislation he introduced to protect and create jobs; might I add that two of those pieces were subsequently adopted by the President including the “Hire a Hero Act,” giving small businesses incentives to hire veterans. The Senator’s recent jobs fair, hosted in Worcester, is yet another concrete example of providing real help to an area hit hard by unemployment and a lack of economic growth.

Senator Brown believes the most efficient way to promote job growth is by creating and promoting jobs provided by small business in the private sector, thereby genuinely supporting real opportunities for the middle class. The President’s big government, class warfare efforts to ostensibly “create jobs” would have in fact done just the opposite, enforcing cynical, biased, and partisan stereotypes that continue to plague our political dialogue as a whole. Conversely, Senator Brown called for the extension of unemployment benefits with the use of unobligated federal, not taxpayers hard earned money. The only thing President Obama appears to be doing is discouraging real growth and economic security.

Might I suggest that the MetroWest Young Democrats, and young voters throughout Massachusetts take a walk around and open their eyes to the real challenges of this economy. At some point they might just see where they’re walking and realize that Scott Brown is headed in the right direction.