CUSC audits student organizations

Puppies and/or ice cream may make it to campus in the Spring

by Jeremy Levine
Scarlet Staff

This past meeting of Clark University Undergraduate Student Council was completed in a record twenty-nine minutes, the clear highlight of which was the Spring Audit Report.

Before that, however, this week’s Grants Committee requests should be discussed. Last semester, STIR requested $1099 for a computer and a printer to operate their magazine. This semester, they requested another $569 for the computer. This is because ITS would not be able to support the programming and the computer unless they were brought through them. This unexpectedly drove up costs, and Council allocated the full request.

Another group requested $550 to bring Unified Sports to Clark. This would be a weekly program that would bring children with special needs with Clark students for an afternoon of fun. They requested money for equipment, mainly balls, hoops, cones, and pinnies. Since this is a new program, Council recommended $350 to test the waters. If they are successful, Grants encourages them to ask for more money.

Finally, Eco-Reps requested $2,920 for their annual Go Green on the Green event. The money would be for a stage, sound system, tables, advertising, and security. This has been an incredibly successful event and one of Eco-Reps’ leading ways of getting the campus involved and aware of what they do, and so Council allocated them the full $2,920.

The Spring 2012 Audit Report was passed this week. A total of ten groups were fined, six of which were fined for spending none of their annual budget allocations. These groups are Chevré, Feminists United Under Clark, Multicultural Product Marketing Club, Public Health Outreach, Republicans of Clark, and Track and Field. Chevré and Feminists United Under Clark both received 10% fines of their annual budget for this reason, and the Multicultural Product Marketing Club was fined 100% of its annual budget, because Finance Committee was led to believe that the group is now defunct.

Four groups violated CUSC’s bylaws by spending more than 25% of their budget on food. These groups were Food Truth, Clark Hillel, Savvy, and our very own Clark University Student Council. Food Truth received a 10% fine.

The Programming Cosponsorship Fund allocated a total of $680 this week. $100 went to the Management 100 group Toxic Soil Busters for their dodgeball tournament, $300 went to Clark Historical Society for their 1920’s dance, $200 went to Choices for their Oh! Meagan event, and $80 went to Clarkies Helping and Advocating for Israel for their Free Falafel Frenzy. Two Management 100 groups, both putting on raffles (one of Abbey’s House and one for a food drive,) received no money, because the Organizational Committee did not feel that those were technically events, and therefore could not be funded.

Organizational Committee also mentioned that they are beginning the planning for their end of year event. They are currently considering an ice cream truck on campus, as well as getting puppies from local shelters (or Clark students) to be played with in Red Square during Finals. Andrew Schuschu, Junior Class Representative, asked if both of these dreams could become a reality. This scenario seems unlikely, but miracles can happen.