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Persuade Senator Scott Brown to promote the production tax credit for wind energy

By Chrissy Rojcewicz
Contributing Writer

It is no secret that we are experiencing climate change, and that the problem lies in the hands of human beings. We are reaching the peak in oil production, and the effects on our gas prices are evident.

Mass. senator Scott Brown. Photo courtesy of

Environmental refugees are fleeing their homes, and climate change is affecting the lives of plants and animals everywhere. On top of all this destruction and fear is the jobs crisis facing the United States. Millions of people are worried and want to help, yet these grave problems still exist. Why is this happening? The problem is not the lack of awareness but the lack of involvement. After all, what can I, an undergrad at Clark University, do? We recycle our bottles and cans, but many of us do not feel this is enough. It seems there is nothing else for individuals to do.

Canadian artist and environmentalist Franke James’ visual essay was shown at Clark last Thursday, hosted by the Worcester Fair Share chapter of the Fair Share Alliance. The visual essay is titled “What Can One Person Do when 6.8 Billion are Frying the Planet?

Ironically, in a sense it is fortunate that the United States is experiencing a jobs crisis. The production tax credit for wind energy is up for renewal this year. If the tax credit is passed in congress, 54,000 jobs will open up in the next four years for all Americans. Due to the stalemate in congress, many wind energy employers have already laid off thousands of workers because they do not believe the tax credit will be passed. In the past, the tax credit has not been approved. Without it, wind energy farms do not have enough money to continue their work, and so they are forced to shut down. It is not very productive or profitable for the wind energy industry to work for four years and then close for another four. There is hope, however. Senators Scott Brown and John Kerry have already signed a letter promising to support the tax credit. Senator Brown’s vote, in particular, is crucial because he is a moderate republican in a traditionally democratic state. If he supports the tax credit, perhaps his republican colleagues will follow. I urge you to write letters to Senator Brown to thank him for supporting the tax credit, and ask him to persuade his friends in congress to follow suit.

The rising unemployment rate and lack of jobs is thus a blessing in disguise. Here we have the opportunity to create tens of thousands of jobs and alleviate our dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil at the same time. Wind is a totally renewable and clean source of energy, and we have plenty of it in the United States. It seems crazy that anyone would oppose win energy, but those people do exist. Do your part to fight our dependence on fossil fuels by urging Scott Brown to promote the production tax credit for wind energy in congress. Of course, our efforts alone will not solve the environmental, energy, and jobs crises, but it will help. With one person’s help, we are one step closer to solving these crises. With all of your help, we will run miles.