The Scarlet Letter

I’m embarrassed

Ashley Klann

Why? Let’s backtrack a couple weeks to when we brought you news that a female student had been chased by a male onto campus. There was no Timely Warning issued to the student body about this, which I still don’t really understand.

This week, I opened my inbox to an email about safety. Is it to recap the meeting on safety that graces our cover this week? Is it to let everyone know about some pressing issue? No. It’s an email that’s pretty clearly telling me that some of my peers – fellow Clark students, were harassing middle school students. I have many issues with this email, and I’ll start by saying my issue with how my peers acted.

“Three students were walking near three young males when one of the students made a comment to the three males about wearing bandanas. One of the three males made a verbal threat. The student then replied verbally. Both groups then continued walking and nothing further was said and nothing developed physically. No weapon was shown.”

First issue: from what it sounds like, Clarkies were making snide remarks to some kids. That’s just embarrassing. I don’t want to think that students are going around trying to start something with kids who are 4’6″. That’s just sad, and it’s behavior like that that gives Clarkies a bad reputation in the neighborhood. C’mon.

Second issue: it’s also sad that these kids were out at 3:21 in the morning.

Third issue: how UP got involved. Did someone call UP about some kids wearing bandanas when they replied to a student? “…nothing further was said and nothing developed physically.” Nothing. Then why did UP show up? They pursued them through backyards, and according to an Escort driver I spoke with the other night, it lasted 45 minutes, judging by what they heard on the radio.

“This may have been three teens looking to break into motor vehicles,” the email read. …If they could reach the pedals in the car. This whole story just makes me sad. I’m embarrassed. I would love to hear from anyone on campus about how they feel about this issue. I’ve certainly put my two cents worth in and have engaged in dialogue with many of my peers about this. Let’s hear what you have to say.