New faces on CUSC

By Tessa Browne
Scarlet Staff


It was a night of democracy as the Clark University Undergraduate Student Council met to discuss money distribution, welcome the new members and snap their fingers off. The new members looked a little bit lost as the President of the Student Council, Andrew Schuchu, used his gavel and summoned them to take oath. The oath taking didn’t take much time as new members weren’t sworn in individually, but rather collectively. The first thing the Council discussed was allocating money to various groups. The Quidditch team was allocated $150 for a van to an upcoming match and for shipping brooms. Clark’s “Jam Fest” 3X3 Basketball Tournament was allocated $345 for resources. The Student Sustainability Fund mentioned that they had made progress and have been granted $20,000 for projects around campus. The Council also planned on looking into the S1 bus, which goes to Blackstone Valley Shops, and is presently not available to Clark students. Andrew Shuchu also mentioned that the parent-teacher council president from the Nelson Place Elementary school is looking for people to volunteer to catalog on their books as they can no longer afford to pay their librarians. The meeting was concluded with welcoming the new members and banging the almighty gavel.