Clarkie of the Week: Todd Rosenberg

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By Anna Spack
Scarlet Staff

Todd Rosenberg

Todd Rosenberg, Clarkie of the Week

This week I had the privilege of interviewing Todd Rosenberg, a First Year here at Clark and a resident of the Johnson-Sanford Center. Todd hails from Nashua, New Hampshire and has a passion for baking. I asked him about this hobby of his and about the baking parties he has been hosting at Clark.

Scarlet: How did you first get into baking?

Todd: This past winter someone asked me to bake for them for a bake sale they were having. I baked cookies for them and from then on I just ended up baking all the time for all the bake sales [at my high school].

Scarlet: Why do you like to bake so much?

Todd: I bake as a hobby. When I’m baking I always forget where I am – I’ll look up all of a sudden and think, “What was I just doing?” because I get so lost in it. Also I like getting my hands dirty.

Scarlet: Why did you decide to host baking parties at Clark?

Todd: Originally they were just so I could meet people in my hall, and just for fun, but eventually other people from other halls and people who weren’t freshmen started coming.

Scarlet: What happens at these baking parties?

Todd: Well first I go out and get the ingredients myself and maybe start baking a few things, then other people show up and someone brings their laptop and plays music. People come and go, it’s not just one group the whole time; it’s a flow of different groups coming in and out. I’m usually there till about 3 a.m. It’s all these people cramped in this little tiny kitchen. People do homework in there. Even people sitting in the rooms [nearby] come [in] and say it smells good. I try to bake new recipes, so I ask people for their own. I also do people’s birthdays – I’ve already baked for birthdays of three people I don’t even know!

Scarlet: What do you usually bake at the parties?

Todd: It’s different every time. My go-to is cheesecake; I make lots of different kinds. But I do what others want to do, and I’m always doing new recipes.

Scarlet: What has been your most popular item so far?

Todd: Either my fudge truffle cheesecake or my banana bread, which is actually an old family recipe.

Scarlet: So baking runs in your family?

Todd: No, not really. My grandma just bakes stuff because she’s a grandma, and I like to bake too.

Scarlet: Where are the baking parties, and how often?

Todd: They’re in the third floor Johnson kitchen, either every week or every other week. I try to do them every week but sometimes I’m too busy, but definitely at least every other week. And they’re usually on Wednesday nights.

Scarlet: What’s your favorite thing to bake?

Todd: Definitely cheesecake, but no one specific flavor. I make up my own [flavors] all the time. Cheesecake is the one thing I never use a recipe for; you can pretty much make any flavor of it you want.

Scarlet: Is there anything else you want to add?

Todd: Just that everyone can come [to the baking parties]; you don’t have to be a freshman. Come by, try some food, do some homework, just enjoy the smells. And remember, I’ll bake for anyone’s birthday!

Scarlet: Will you bake the staff of The Scarlet a cake?

Todd: Yes! A cheesecake.

Thanks for the interview (and the cake), Todd!