Cougar of the Week: Sarah Sachs


   Name: Sarah Sachs

Year: Junior

Home: Branford, CT

Sport: Tennis

Position: Singles//Doubles, Captain



Q: When did you first start playing?

A: “[When I was] 6, very little”

Q: How is your season going?

A: “Really well. [I’m] pleasantly surprised with how things have turned out. Everyone works really hard, and coach is really invested in the team. There’s something completely different than last season.”

Q: How does the team dynamic affect tennis?

A: “It’s one of those sports where you rely on your team to cheer you on, but at the end of the day it’s just you against another girl; or you and your partner against another doubles team. You have to be very focused on your match and your own capacity to win. A lot of it is team building off of the court.”

Q: What match are you most looking forward to?

A: “This season, probably Wheaton. We came really close to beating them in doubles last year. Probably Wheaton because of recent events, and Smith.”

Q: How has the NEWMAC gone so far?

A: “It’s been very challenging, but we’re right there. They’ve all been very competitive. Wellesley was very close, and Mt. Holyoke was very close. Our ultimate goal is, obviously, to win a conference match, but also to make it to NEWMACs.”

-written by Jordo Saunders