Student Council Meeting

By Tessa Browne, Scarlet Staff

Clark EDM requested $400 for a light to use for a dance they will be hosting in December. They agreed to allow other student groups to use the light, if needed. After a long series of questions about the specific light, the student council approved their request.

ISA requested $4,574 for a videographer and electric detail for GALA.

Student Council also granted the Management 100 group $50 for an event to volunteer at the YMCA.

On October 20th, the Muslim Cultural Society will be attending an event at WPI called “Re-securing the future for Muslims in America”, which they will be getting $250 from the Student Council for.

One of the more exciting requests came from SPOC. The group plans to transform Atwood into a zombie-themed haunted house. SPOC was allotted $1,000 for decorations and all necessary tools for a truly creepy Halloween night.

$335 from the Student Council’s activism fund was granted to students who will attend a conference called “Women and Genocide in the 21st Century.”

$320 was allocated from the same fund to Clark Unicef, who plans to take a few members to a summit in D.C. to learn more about becoming active on campus.

The Asian Cultural Society was also granted $400 from the activism fund to attend the “Boston Asian American Students’ Intercollegiate Coalition conference” at Boston University. There will be a series of workshops for all students (not necessarily Asian Americans). They will also host a post-conference workshop with the Asian Studies department.


October 16th, 2012

By Radhika Sharma
Scarlet Staff

The Latin American Students Organization and  the Salsa Group  were awarded $775 and $500, respectively. The money will go towards Noche Latina, which will feature authentic Hispanic culture bands and dance groups accompanied by some great food.

Student group “EOM” was awarded $250 this week.The grop is new on campus and does not yet have it’s own budget. All these things aside, no one knows the what does the initialism “EOM” means. according to the president and the treasurer of the group, who were present, “It’s only members who know the real meaning of the group’s name, it’s a fun thing to do”. From what I picked from their description of the group they are a group that screens rare and weird movies.

The communications Committee led a poll for selection of the domain name for the Undergraduate Student council’s website. The two options being : ‘’ and ‘’. got very negative reactions as the term may have objectionable multiple meanings and the other option just wasn’t appealing enough. So, no decision was made.