Clarkie of the Week: Kevin Martin

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By Anna Spack
Scarlet Staff

Kevin Martin


Over the course of your time at Clark you may have seen a young man riding around campus on a very tall unicycle and wondered, “Who is this mysterious fellow?” Well never fear, all your questions have been answered. This mystical figure is none other than sophomore Kevin Martin, a Foreign Languages major who hails from Saugus, MA. This week I interviewed Kevin about his unique hobby.

Scarlet: How and when did you learn to unicycle?

Kevin: When I was fifteen I started learning on a little [unicycle]. I used my fence and my driveway at home to maintain my balance. Then once I got better I tried a few tricks and moved to my Giraffe Unicycle.

Scarlet: Is that what the big one is called – a Giraffe Unicycle?

Kevin: Yes, it’s five feet tall.

Scarlet: Why do you like to unicycle?

Kevin: It’s something new. I like to try new things, and I thought unicycling would be a good activity and good exercise.

Scarlet: Why an extra tall one instead of a normal-sized one?

Kevin: I got bored of the small one, so I decided to try the tall one because it’s something new. I’ve been riding the tall one for four years.

Scarlet: Why did you decide to unicycle around the Clark campus?

Kevin: It’s a good exercise course, with hills and stuff, and I thought it would be a good chance to see everyone around and see what’s going on, if I was bored. Sometimes I ride the small one to class because I don’t want to have to carry my backpack and everything on the tall one.

Scarlet: Why do you choose the specific paths around campus that you do?

Kevin: Well the paths vary sometimes. [At first it was because] I was trying to be more acquainted with campus. I can take the long way around the Kneller and Bullock, or the short way around Jonas Clark. It depends how I feel.

Scarlet: Do you ride it to class and for fun?

Kevin: I ride if I don’t feel like walking long distances. I live in Blackstone, so when I have a class in Estabrook, I’ll ride my unicycle because it’s a lot faster. But sometimes I don’t; it depends on the day.

Scarlet: Do you ride your unicycle to get anywhere else besides Clark (like around Worcester)?

Kevin: When I’m at home I ride around the block, but I don’t ride it around Worcester.

Scarlet: How do people on (and off) campus react when they see you?

Kevin: They think it’s something unusual, and they notice me a lot. I don’t do it for the attention, I do it for fun and exercise but sometimes I do enjoy the attention when people ask me questions.

Scarlet: Can you do any cool tricks?

Kevin: I can ride it on one foot and I can ride it backwards (but I don’t ride it backwards around campus because there are too many people [to run into]).

Scarlet: Do you ever perform for people (like in talent shows or anything)?

Kevin: Yes. In my sophomore year of high school I did a star search talent show and won. I was also in Clark’s Got Talent last year.

Thanks for the interview, Kevin!