The Cougar of the Week: Brandyn Benson

Brandyn Benson
Name: Brandyn Benson
Year: Sophomore
Home: Hamden, CT
Sport: Basketball

Q. When did you start playing basketball?


A. That was when I was 8 years old.


Q. What made you start it?


A. I used to play baseball, but I switched to basketball because I was not good at baseball at all. Ever since then, I put my time for it and played for AAU (Amateur Athletic Union).


Q. How was the last season?


A. I got hurt and had surgery on my knee last year. And the team went down and lost a lot. But I think this year will be much better.


Q. How is the condition of your team so far?


A. We all get along and always are cracking and joking off-court. On court, we are taking care of each other more and making sure if everything is okay.



Q. Do you have any colleges that you are looking forward to playing against?


A. No. I just want to win every game and make it to the NCAA Tournament by winning our conference championship.


Q. What about the game against NYU?


A. I am definitely excited to play at NYU and visit NYC.


Q. Do you have any memorable moment?


A. For me, my first college game against Brandies University. My teammate, John Karas, passed me and I scored in the last minute. That was my most exciting moment last season. My mom came to see my game, so I wanted to win. I’m happy that she saw my play. She was so excited after the game!


Q. What is your motivation?


A. Most of the friends I’ve grown up with are in the NBA and Division I college. It keeps me motivated to stay at the level that I can compete with them. I am just trying to be better. My grandpa is also my motivation. He is always supportive. Since he lives in California and I do not get to see him very often, everything I do is for him and for me of course.


Q. Do you have any goal for this season?


A. Team’s goal is NEWMAC championship and NCAA tournament. I know seniors want to go to the playoff, so I definitely want to 100% work hard for them to accomplish year fulfill out with what they want.

written by Mai Hayashi