Clarkie of the Week: Skye Wingo

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Skye Wingo

by Anna Spack
Scarlet Staff

courtesy of Skye Wingo

This week I interviewed Skye Wingo, a First Year from Cleveland, Ohio who is planning to major in Screen Studies and minor in Management or Entrepreneurship. I asked Skye about his passion for filmmaking and his role as a Clark Diarist.

Scarlet: What first got you into filmmaking, and when?

Skye: Back when I was younger I used to take a lot of photos with disposable cameras. Then one year, fourth grade, I was just like, “I want this, but I want it to move.So I asked for a video camera for Christmas, and lo and behold, I got a video camera from my godparents. It actually just stayed in my room for a year or two; I never touched it. But then one time I had family over – my nephew and his sister, who back then was pretty loud. So to calm [his sister] down [my nephew] was like, “Do you want to make a video?” and then I remembered, “Oh yeah, I have a camera, we can record things.” That was in sixth grade. [That was when] we filmed the first ever “Kids At Dark News”. I had so much fun doing it. I had a Mac and I stayed up all night editing this film. It was the time of my life, and it was from there where I was just like, I want to do this, I love doing this. From then on I’ve been learning and progressing and getting to a point where I can use this [skill] and it will be my career.

Scarlet: Why do you like filmmaking so much?

Skye: I love filming and the process of filming – directing, producing, editing, sound design, set design –because it’s an art. It forms the ideas of the artist and it puts them out in a moving picture. You can have movies that are moving paintings because they’re just [so] beautifully made. And then you can have movies that are abstract and weird, that make you think and want you to understand what they’re trying to [say]. You can have different points of views – like Inception [for example] – is he in a dream or is he not in a dream? That’s the kind of thing that [the filmmaker] is never going to tell you, because he wants you to come up with your own ideas. Taking that and making it entertainment, not just art but entertainment, is something I think is very special. We’re lucky to even have that. I would love to be a part of that and put my little dot on the map.

Scarlet: What’s your favorite part of filmmaking?

Skye: I have two [favorite parts]. When I get an idea for a film it’s like Jimmy Neutron – I get a brain blast. It all comes into my head and I kind-of zoom out and am in my own world writing [it all] down. It could [happen] in class, I won’t be paying attention to anything, I’ll just be writing down the whole idea. And right when I’m done I take a big gasp and my head hurts – I love that feeling. [My] second [favorite] thing is editing because it’s just fun to do. I don’t mind spending thirty minutes to make a two-minute clip look amazing. I’m really lucky enough to have that kind of patience.

Scarlet: What’s your favorite genre to film (documentary, fiction, etc.)?

Skye: Believe it or not documentary isn’t my favorite, although I’ve been doing that little by little. My favorite is the weird-ass movies that make you really question life as you know it. I want to get to a point where I can make those films. [Films] like Inception, 2001: A Space Odyssey, or The Matrix, which is one of those films where you’re just like, “what if this is all in a digital world?” It’s those kinds of films that make you think about life, [that make] you [think] it could be real. I love them.

Scarlet: What are some of your favorite pieces that you’ve made?

Skye: The first time I ever used Final Cut [an editing program], was when my film teacher Mr. Fouts – if anyone is reading this at Lake Ridge Academy [my high school], although I doubt it, listen to Mr. Fouts because he’s amazing and ask him about his Woodstock adventures. Anyway, it was [an assignment where we had to] put something to music. And my thinking was, I’m not just going to put it to music, I’m going to make a music video. And I [decided to] use Final Cut. That was really the first time I made something from my thoughts besides just silly little videos with family or documentary videos or school videos (like if they wanted me to make a commercial or something). That was really the first time I was like, this is my idea, this is what I want to do. I wrote it down, storyboarded it, filmed it, edited it, and made the music (not the actual song but I edited some sounds together). That was the first time ever I put my ideas in a film, and when I saw the final product I was just so happy. When I look back at it now – and it [hasn’t even been] that long, that was just in February or March of this year – I’m like, “I can’t believe I made that mistake.”… But still, that was the first time I ever did that and I feel like that’s my first piece. I love it, I’m not going to even want to watch it years from now, but I love it.

Scarlet: I know you’re a Clark Diarist. What exactly does that role entail?

Skye: The Clark Diaries is an online blog that follows students from any year [who] blog about their lives at Clark. What I decided to do with my blog was to make a video web series following four students around and documenting their life at Clark. They’re all first-years, so if you’re not a first-year and you’re watching this you can experience, “Oh yeah I remember doing that, oh look they’re going through that for the first time.” Or if you are a first-year you can go, “Oh yeah I’ve done that, I’m glad I’m not the only one.” It’s a nice look into what college kids really do.

Scarlet: What would you like to do with film after college?

Skye: I want to try to find an internship in some [field] that uses film, whether it is Hollywood, television, [or] stories. Anything where I can voice my ideas into a visual aspect is something that I would like to go into. I know that I will always mature with my art so wherever it takes me I know that that’s what I want to do.

Scarlet: Is there anything else you want to add?

Skye: Just a little plug: If you want to see [my] Clark Diaries web series, or any of the Diarists that do their own blogs, just search Clark Diaries on Clark’s website [] or you can type “Clark Diaries” into Google. My website is my YouTube page,, where you can contact me if you want me to [film] anything.

Thanks so much, Skye!