Clark University Student Council: October 31, 2012

By Radhika Sharma 
Scarlet Staff

It was a strange Halloween as members of the Student Council took seats dressed in an assortment of colorful costumes. The first request was to allocate $834 from the equipment fund to the Clark University Players Society. They wanted to buy lights to attach to the ceiling as opposed to on poles in the Little Center. The poles are currently a safety hazard. Everyone on Student Council approved this request.

Perhaps one of the strangest requests was the request for $83.88 for the Clark Undergraduate Student Council. They are looking to buy a website because their old website was, hilariously, bought by a Japanese toilet company. This money would cover a domain name ( for six years. They would like to buy the domain name for six years because it is short enough that if it doesn’t work out, it is not a huge deal but they also do not want to buy it every year. The Communications committee and the Student Leadership and Programming would run the website.

It was nice to see the Student Council giving Crystal Fam (our Clarkie of the Week, see page five) $209 for the Geographer’s Conference in LA. The $209 would cover her registration fee and membership fee. $1,465 from the Excess Student Activities Fund was given to Model United Nations to go to a conference at UPenn. This conference is two weeks away and is one of the most prestigious Model United Nations conferences in the United States.

One of the most exciting ideas during the meeting was that of President Andrew Schuchu’s. He would like to organize “Pizza with the President” during which students (all students, not just those in Council) would be able to meet with President Angel. All in all, it was a spooky, productive meeting this Halloween.