Cougar of the Week: Ashleigh Condon

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written by Madeleine Lutts


Name: Ashleigh Condon

Year: Junior

Home: Hull, Massachusetts

Sport: Women’s Basketball



Q. When did you start playing basketball and what motivated you to play?
A. I started playing basketball when I was in 2nd grade because that was the age I could first join a team. I had always been particularly interested in basketball more than any other sport I played growing up. The motivation sprung from really just wanting to become better and improving.

Q. This is your second season as a Captain. You’re still in preseason now, but do you have any expectations for this season?
A. This season should be really good. The majority of us have playoff experience and we have a hard working underclass so the expectations are high. Even though the conference is competitive, we hope to get really far in playoffs in NEWMACS.

Q. What is your personal motivation as a leader and a big part of the team?
A. I’d say my teammates motivate me as a leader, working together with them and having their support really helps.

Q. Do you have any pre-game rituals or anything like that?
A. Not really any distinct pregame rituals. I just like to try and relax as much as I can to save my energy for the game.