CUSC: November 11, 2012

By Radhika Sharma 
scarlet staff

This week’s episode of Clark University Undergraduate Student Council was quite uneventful. One of the strangest requests was $419.97 for frame tools for the Clark Ballroom Dance Team. A frame tool is a device that is placed on a dancer’s shoulders and back to improve posture.

Clark Musical Theatre was given $754 for wireless microphone rentals, batteries for the microphones and costumes. Though they had a budget of $4,500, they used the money on a director and rights to the show. Clark’s beloved Quidditch Team was granted $150 for transportation to an away game at the University of New Haven. The team is working hard to get their own budget but for now they have to turn to the Student Council for help.

The Student Council heartily agreed to allocate $950 the Clark University Educational Studies Program for an event called SPLASH. Over 200 students have signed up from around Worcester to attend classes taught by volunteer students and professors. The program does not have a budget yet but they need money for t-shirts, teaching and office supplies and other miscellaneous teaching material.

Andrew Schuchu, President of the Student Council, is planning to make safety forums a permanent event that will happen once or twice a semester. He is also working on allowing off-campus students to meet up with police and other staff members to talk about safety. Possibly the most exciting idea was the idea of a self-defense class for students.

Next Wednesday the Student Council will be hosting and meet and greet at Red Square where they will be handing out apple cider and donuts from 12 to 4. Worried about the cold? They will probably be moving into the UC.