Clarkie of the Week: Cameron Davis from SPOC

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Cameron Davis from SPOC

By Anna Spack
scarlet staff

Cameron Davis is on the eboard of SPOC, a.k.a. Science-Fiction People of Clark. He is a sophomore from Concord, MA who is majoring in economics. I interviewed Cameron about the club, his role in it, and their recent campus-wide game “Humans vs. Zombies”.

Scarlet:What is SPOC?
Cameron: SPOC is Science-Fiction People of Clark. It’s Clark’s science fiction, fantasy, and gaming club. We hold a lot of gaming tournaments, with both video games and board games, and we keep a large library of video and board games in our office which we allow our members to play at our three weekly events. We have a book club that’s specifically aimed at non-fiction and fantasy books. We do a lot of game tournaments, and we also hold an annual trip to King Richard’s Fair, the big Renaissance in New England.

Scarlet: How did the book club start?
Cameron: It started last year. The vice president wanted to start it partially because there were feelings that the club, despite being called Science Fiction People of Clark, was not very focused very much on that – it was more of a gaming club. We wanted more of a science fiction and fantasy element to it, and that’s how the book club started.

Scarlet: So the original purpose of SPOC was for gaming?
Cameron: Yeah, we actually recently found out the exact true purpose of SPOC. It was a club a long time ago that went defunct. The first president of the current establishment told us that he basically wanted a way to get the school to finance his role-playing games with his friends. He found this club that was defunct and got funding by re-creating it so that he could have the club buy role-playing books and run games. It’s since grown to be a much more legitimate club.

Scarlet: What is your role in SPOC?
Cameron: I’m the Minister of Propaganda. I handle all of the internal and external online communications. I manage SPOC’s Facebook page, our Twitter account, and our email address (I email out a newsletter). But the whole eboard helps each other out with whatever job needs to get done.

Scarlet: How did you first get involved in SPOC?
Cameron: Last year, my freshman year, in one of the “Weekly Events” emails, I saw a message for SPOC’s game night that’s done every Thursday and thought it would be an interesting thing to do. So I went there, enjoyed it, and started going to all the weekly events. I got on the key list, which is for people who don’t have an official title but who help out and have access to the office to help run the events, and then at the end of the year I ran for eboard, and now I’m on it.

Scarlet: Have you been interested in gaming your whole life? What’s your favorite game?
Cameron: Yeah. I’ve been playing board games, card games, and video games my whole life. My favorite game is Magic: The Gathering. That was the game that initially got me to go to SPOC’s game night when I saw it listed on the list of games that are often played.

Scarlet: What’s your favorite part about being in SPOC?
Cameron: The sense of camaraderie. Everyone is very friendly in the group; everyone always enjoys having fun and playing the games. It’s just great having other people to play all kind of games with and especially to learn new ones.

Scarlet: What events does the club put on?
Cameron: We have our three weekly events, which are our Arcade Night on Wednesday nights, where we open up the office and allow our members to play from our collection of video games; Board Game night on Thursdays which is the same thing but replacing video games with board games; and then Saturdays we open up the office for office hours and it’s a combination of the two – people can just go to the office to hang out and play whatever they want.

Scarlet: What’s your favorite thing that SPOC does (events or otherwise)?
Cameron: After this year it’s probably the HvZ (Humans vs. Zombies) game that we put on. That was a new thing this year that we decided to try, and it was overwhelmingly positively received. It was a lot of fun for us as moderators to run it.

Scarlet: How did you organize all of that? Did it take a long time?
Cameron: Yeah, we came up with it before the start of the semester; we started talking about it over the summer. Our president had somehow found out about it and said it might be a cool thing to run. So until we ran it, every eboard meeting we had a small amount of time where we were planning it – planning all the missions and figuring out all the rules.

Scarlet: Are you going to continue Humans vs. Zombies in future years?
Cameron: We fully plan to continue it and even do another game next semester, not even next school year. We had an overwhelming positive response and a lot of this year’s seniors expressed displeasure that they had missed out on this deal and wouldn’t be able to do it next year. We decided to hold it again next semester so that they could participate.

Scarlet: Were the people wearing orange bandanas humans or zombies?
Cameron: Both. The orange bandanas just signified a player in the game; it was the location on your body that signified your role. A person with a bandana on their arm was a human; a person with a bandana on their head was a zombie.

Check out SPOC on LINK ( for more information.

Thanks for the interview, Cameron!