November 14, 2012

By Radhika Sharma
scarlet staff

There were four grants requests this week.

The first one was from Radio of Clark University, “ROCU” and guess who represented the club at the meeting? Our very own local celebrity: DJ A-smooth. This grants request was regarding a 1-day conference at Simmons college and would give the four e-board members the opportunity to meet with the members of other college radio stations and get advice from them as well as attend a number of panels and lectures about how to expand their club and how to effectively run Clark radio.

It seems like Clark’s campus is going to become much more happening all thanks to one of the new clubs on campus called Clark Electric Dance Music. The aim of EDM is to increase the number of on-campus parties with good music so that Clarkies don’t have to go off-campus looking for them.

The next request was a little confusing as it was very similar to two requests that came in the past meeting, for the association of American geographers conference.

Last but not the least was a request that was very well appreciated by the member of the council: two students wanted to attend a conference called “Let’s Talk Conference” which is happening on campus and addresses the issue of “how to approach issues that face the LGBTQA community and how to provide support. This will be a beneficial experience, which will share with the Clark community”. What disappointed me was that they were refused any support from Clark RLH.

It seems as thought the idea of having printers in dorms is going to be implemented soon as the financial committee is soon going to have a meeting with ITS to finalize it.

Communications committee congratulated everyone on their successful  “cider and doughnut” party that they had all day today; people wrote comments and suggestion about the undergraduate student council. Some of the suggestions were very funny; someone said that the council is like a warm bunny, whatever that’s supposed to mean.

The charters for ACM (a computer science club) and club basketball were passed. Elections committee revealed their initiative: crisis management. They were concerned about the way Clarkies were treated during the recent crisis. They also thought it was ridiculous of the authorities to charge students for water during such circumstances. This meeting was rather short as compared to recent ones. And other than that, Happy thanksgiving!



  1. ROCU: $245
  2. Clark EDM: $400
  3. Association of American geographers conference (Andrew H.): $ 108
  4. Let’s talk conference: $100