Cougar of the Week: Kellee Kosiorek

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Name: Kellee Kosiorek

Year: Junior

Home: Enfield, New Hampshire

Sport: Field Hockey

Favorite: Animal: Giraffe



Q. You just finished up your third season as a part of the field hockey team. When did you start playing field hockey and what motivated you to play?
A. I started playing in 5th grade. A new program started up in my small town and I was pretty much recruited to be one of the starting girls! The rest is history!

Q. How do you feel that this season went? How was it different from past seasons?
A. I really enjoyed this past season. It was much different than the last two years I have played here because we had such a big incoming class.  It was amazing to meet so many new girls and I think it changed the morale of our team tremendously! Everyone improved their own game so much, and in turn, our entire team grew stronger and better together. Overall, I think it was a great season.  I am very sad to lose two very awesome seniors, but am excited to see what our team can do next year!

Q. As far as your individual play, do you have a mantra or anything that you tell yourself to keep yourself centered on the field? What is your personal motivation?
A. This year I tried to focus a lot more on visualization, especially towards the end of the season when I was thrown into a new position! I also try to stay as positive as possible while on the field, send those positive vibes, and always remember that it is just a game.  However, what helped me the most during games this season was communicating with our Goalie Jordoo!!! Playing so close together on the field, we were able to boost each other’s confidence and keep our heads in the game! She was always there to pick me up if I got down on myself, and vice versa.

Q. How do you think field hockey has impacted your college career?
A. Field hockey definitely helped me transition into the college environment with ease.  There were so many people who were willing to help me as soon as I arrived on campus. And now that I have had three years with this team, I have met some absolutely amazing people that I know are there if I ever need anything! Field hockey also helps me manage my time better (usually). We must dedicate so much time to our sport that I have learned to be very “effective” while studying and doing homework.

Q. What is your most memorable moment so far as a Clark Field hockey player?
A. I would have to say it would be a moment before a home game last season, when we were getting pumped up and chanting in the locker room with various dolls, stuffed animals, and toys that we had accumulated. I love team bonding and funny, weird things like this make the experience of being on a team so much more rewarding.

written by Madeleine Lutts