Midsemester Budget Allocations

Where last we left our heroes of the Clark University Undergraduate Student Council (CUSC), they were fielding requests for midsemester budget allocations. These allocations are designed to help sustain big clubs, strengthen new clubs, and help other clubs with necessary expenses. Scott Cabell, the intrepid chair of the Finance Committee, laid out recommendations for budgets for a number of clubs.
STIR, CUSC, SPLASH, Women’s Frisbee, Muslim Cultural Society, and Karate Club got all of the money that they requested. ISA also received their full request as the committee determined that all of the expenses they requested were necessary to put on Gala. Clarkies Helping and Advocating for Israel (CHAI), Association for Computer Machinery (ACM), Rising Stars, Quidditch, and Hip Hop Collabo got most of their requests but lost some money on items that weren’t entirely necessary, like shirts, food for meetings, and decorations, or because money was readily available to them through other means.
Eco-Reps put in a request for $350 for sound and electricity, but they were asked to make a PCF request instead. Hopefully, they electricity will be cheaper in the future and they won’t have this problem.
Millennium Leadership Conference, in true managerial fashion, submitted the wrong form and therefore received no money.
In other news, Executive Board elections are coming up soon; petitions are due into Council by February 13 at 7 p.m. The debate will be on February 20 at 6 p.m. in the Grace Conference Room.
And so concludes another account of the adventures of the Clark University Undergraduate Student Council. Stay safe in the snow!