Cougar of the Week: Brian Vayda

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Q. When and why did you start playing basketball?A. I started playing when I was 6 years old. I have been playing for 15 years now. My older brother used to play soccer but he got into basketball. I followed what he was doing because we are really close to each other.

Q. How is this season going so far?

A. It’s been pretty good this season. Even though we lost, we had close games with only 4-5 point differences?

Q. How was the NYU Holiday Classic in December? Maybe give a brief description of the NYU Holiday Classic?

A. We won the first game over Wentworth Institute of Technology, and played for the championship against New York University. Although we lost to NYU, we were only 2 points behind. NYU always does well, so that was a good game. We also got to go out in NYC the first night so that we could relax and have fun before the game.

Q. As a captain of the basketball team at Clark, how do you manage your teammates, coach, and yourself?

A. This is my third year as a captain, so I kind of got used to it. I have two more captains, so we help each other. Our coach organizes some things and we make sure everything is working well for our teammates.

Q. How has the condition of your team been this season?

A. We have spent more than one year together so we got along very well. Our six freshmen are doing great, and we don’t have any problems with them.

Q. You have been playing at Clark for five years. Do you have any memorable moments?

A. My sophomore year was the best year. We beat everyone in the NEWMAC conference and went to NCAA Division III tournament. That was a very exciting game against Albright College especially because we had never been to the NCAA tournament.

Q. You have been doing great since your freshman year. What is your motivation?

A. I think my brother is my motivation. Since we are really close, I always see him working hard. And winning as a team. It is okay if I score a lot or if I don’t as long as my team wins. Also, I always want to go back to the NCAA tournament because it has been 3 years since we played there.

Q. What is the best thing about basketball?

A. For me, sports is everything. Since I was young, I have been playing with my brother. At college, I am able to make a balance between sports and school work.

Q. Where do you see yourself after graduation? Would you still like to keep playing as a basketball player? 

A. I used to think about continuing to play as a basketball player after college but I don’t think I am going to play anymore. I want to work in a field related to global business or marketing. I have been playing basketball for a long time, so it would be great if I can work at a sports organization.