Spree Day Allocation Veto

Clark University Student Council (CUSC) received an email from President Andrew Schuschu on Thursday night. This message informed them that he vetoed their decision to allocate $15,000 from the cumulative surplus to the Spree Day Committee to hire a high-end performer.
Schuschu stated that the main motivation for this decision is that “there are other funding options need to be explored.” He wants to collaborate with other groups, such as the Student Activities Board, the Major Events Committee, the Pub Entertainment Committee, and Student Leadership and Programming.
He also cited CUSC’s “vested interest in investing and advocating for improvements to student life on a day-to-day basis.” Schuschu noted that getting a high-end performer for Spree Day is only a short-term investment.
The money that Council originally voted to allocate would come out of the cumulative surplus, the fund that brought us campus programs like the neutral bathrooms initiative and Project Playground, and Schuschu wants that fund to continue to be a place that builds Clark’s community,
Student Council still has the opportunity to override the veto with a two-thirds majority at next week’s Council meeting.