Spree Day Allocation Veto Overridden

    Last week, the Clark University Student Council (CUSC) received an email from President Andrew Schuschu explaining that their decision to allocate $15,000 from the cumulative surplus to hire a performer for Spree Day had been vetoed. At this week’s meeting (on Wednesday, February 27), CUSC overrode that veto.
    Council needs a two-thirds majority to override a veto. After exhaustive debate, the override failed. Then, after a recess, during which a few Council members left to work on midterms, and the judiciary committee took a closer look at logistical options, there was another vote, and the override passed. The $15,000 was allocated.
    There was tension over the fact that a few councillors had left, and their departures changed the outcome of the vote, but the second vote happened anyway, despite a few “nays.” One councillor stated that “[the councillors] left with full knowledge that the vote would be affected by their departure.”
    President Schuschu vetoed the measure with the intention to use money from other sources to fund the event. He stated that he wanted to keep the cumulative surplus as a fund from which money is taken for projects that will improve Clark in the long term. For these reasons, he stated that he “is not in support of this decision by council.”
    Dana Hall Representative, Becca Liebman, an advocate of the override, stated that councillors “fought for what they believed in for three hours, and that’s admirable,” and that the vote showed “how passionate councillors can be.”
    Clearly, Clark’s Spree Day troubles are not yet over. Whether or not students make the most out of this performance will undoubtedly contribute to the ongoing dialogue that is being had about that day in April. President Schuschu said that it is now Council’s responsibility to “make this allocation worthwhile.”