Cougar of the Week: Mitch DeLorenzo

Cougar of the Week: Mitch DeLorenzo

Name: Mitch DeLorenzo

Year: Graduate Student

Home: Berlin, CT

Sport: Baseball

Position: Outfield

Q. When and why did you start playing baseball?A. I started playing baseball when I was six years old. My mom and dad had been playing sports for a long time. My dad was playing and coaching baseball and took me to Yankees games when I was a child. Also, our youth team in my town is really good and we have a very strong tradition in baseball. So I was naturally exposed to baseball.

Q. How do you feel to be back on the team?

A. I am enjoying it. We have young kids on the team, and they are doing good. I am an experienced guy, so it will be nice to support them [and] to teach them how to play at games. We have a couple of NEWMAC pitchers, especially Andrew Blanc. He’ll be great. I am excited to [see] what we have and games that we are going to play.

Q. How is your condition?

A. I think this season will be pretty good. I am getting back to the routine of practice, training, and competitive games. I am comfortable with practice now.

Q. Last season was a very tough year for the team. What is a goal of the team this year?

A. I think it is going to be better than last year. For the team overall, the first one is to be in a top conference tournament. I think that would be a good step for the team. Playoffs are exciting because there are a lot of quality teams in NEWMAC.

Q. Is there any game/college that you are looking forward to playing?

A. Wheaton College is [the] number one team in pre-season in Division III. They are always on the top. Babson has a strong program too. It is exciting to compete with them.

Q. You have been playing at Clark for almost 4 years. Do you have any memorable moments? 

A. I remember that on Spree Day, we played against Babson and we beat them. They were one of the top rank teams. We crushed them.

Q. What is your motivation?

A. I think playing baseball is just a nice break in my day. My motivation is coming from engaging with my guys on regular basis, and competing with them is a nice change. Especially [since] I work and study hard simultaneously, I appreciate my opportunity to play here.

Q. What is the best thing about baseball?

A. I enjoy hitting homeruns, hitting balls, my team and individual games. It’s nice to be able to run around with guys.