Cougar of the Week: Nicole Meuse

Name: Nicole Meuse Year: Senior Hometown: Hudson, MA Sport: Softball Position: Pitcher
Name: Nicole Meuse
Year: Senior
Hometown: Hudson, MA
Sport: Softball
Position: Pitcher

Q. How did you get your start in softball?

A. I have been playing for 14 years now. I started off with T-ball and switched to softball when I was seven years old.

Q. Why did you decide to play pitcher?

A. It’s funny because my family and I just recently talked about how I became a pitcher! I started pitching when I was nine. I was playing as a hitter, but one day my coach picked me out to pitch on the mound instead of my injured teammates. Since then, I really liked it and focused on being a pitcher.

Q. How is the team this year?

A. We have 13 players and 6 of them are new members. At the beginning we had to get them used to our team. I know how it’s scary to start a new life and go through college experience. But now we have become one of the closest team I’ve ever had. We get along with each other very well.

Q. You have 4 games left. Tell us how you feel about that. Is there a game in particularly that you are looking forward to?

A. I’m definitely looking forward to MIT. It’s going to be on Senior Day so I’m excited for that one. But on the other hand, I’m sad because the season is over and it’s the end of my softball career. It’s so weird to think about the last game because I have gotten used to this everyday routine of softball for 4 years. It’s going to be very sad.

Q. You have been named NEWMAC Softball Pitcher of the Week. Congratulations! Tell us how you feel about it.

A. It was very exciting! I had no idea until someone told me. I read an article about myself and found out that my ERA was 1.93. I didn’t expect that at all. NEWMAC is very competitive this year because they have more good pitchers than last year. I always focus on my pitching and contributing to a win for the team. So it’s great to hear that I was named as Pitcher of the Week!

Q. You had a great start in freshman year, and since then, your achievement has been impressive. Do you have any memorable moment?

A. There are so many memorable moments! If I had to pick one, it would be my first playoff game at Clark. The game was against Coast Guard Academy, and they are a good team. I had so many things running through my mind during that game. I was more nervous at that game than I had ever been in my life! Usually, I get really excited whenever I pitch on the mound. Since then, I have settled down and my confidence has grown. I had a great senior group in my freshman year, so now I want to encourage my freshmen girls like my seniors did.

Q. What is your motivation?

A. Going to play and practice every day is a huge part of my life. I cannot imagine not doing it. Because I have spent so much time doing this. I want to prove myself and show people that I can pitch. I always play hard for my team and try to get as many strike outs as I can. Softball is very team-oriented. I want to motivate my team to play.

Q. As a senior, what do you hope for the juniors?

A. I know that the juniors are ready to lead the team. It’s hard to be a senior because you have to be ready to take control. I hope they will recognize potentials of the team, and listen to players.

Q. What is the most valuable lesson you have learned from softball?

A. I have learned to have the mental control and to ready myself for the next game. You are not always going to be always amazing. If you make a mistake, you have to shake it off. It’s very important to be ready to face a hard situation.