10/24/2013: CUSC in brief

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by Hannah Rosenblum

The majority of the student body might have still been on break last Wednesday (at least mentally), but their beloved student council was working diligently to meet their constituents’ needs.

$595 was allocated to Debaters of Clark University to attend tournaments. $50 was given to the Clark Investments and Trading Society for event materials. $60 was allocated to Club Basketball for new uniforms.

Lauren Meininger was appointed to Assistant Treasurer.

This Wednesday, the meeting presented both fascinating and concerning challenges.

It was announced that students can now officially use Winton Dining Hall, which has been designated for overflow, as well as the bathrooms behind the Higgins Dining Hall.

The Council allocated $3,035 to ISA for Gala and $3,300 to the Millennium Leadership Conference Club for its eleventh annual conference, the theme of which is “Diversity: Face to Face.”  

Student Sustainability Fund applications are due November 1.

Another Safety Forum regarding issues facing off-campus residents will take place in room 112 in Traina at 4 p.m. on November 12.

Keitaro Okura was confirmed as an undergraduate representative of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

CUSC will host a Halloween Spectacular that they “just made up.” They will offer doughnuts, candy, and cider on October 30 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. CUSC President Rian Watt says “costumes can be a little inappropriate.”

Clubs that overspent their budget have already been given money out of the cumulative surplus, so Council appealed their vote to provide surplus allocations.

It was revealed that the majority of CUSC was unaware of the existence of the council’s mission statement. Luckily, Nick Gerber interceded and revealed that there is, in fact, such a statement. A council member immediately, with obvious disdain, said, “It’s not very catchy.” The council is now considering revising their mission statement or adding a vision or something to that effect.