10/10/2013: CUSC in brief

This week, the Clark Undergraduate Student Council meeting opened with new members of the council being sworn in and assigned to their committees.

$160 was allocated to Maya Baum to go to the Limud Conference in the United Kingdom. $50 was allocated to the ACM for a JavaScript workshop that they will be hosting. The charter of the Clark Investment and Trading Society was approved. $280 was allocated to the Clark Investments and Trading Society. $330 was allocated to Food Truth to attend the Real Food Challenge conference in Minneapolis.

Four members of the council went to the most recent meeting of the Worcester Student Government Association, and were met by Ex-Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray. The next meeting is November 3rd; all students are welcome.

Though club sports’ support has historically been split between SLP, Athletics, and CUSC, these three groups will now be working together to transition club sports to being managed solely by Athletics.

The meeting ended with Joanne Darrigo quoting Spiderman, reminding members of the council that “with great power comes great responsibility.”