09/26/2013: CUSC in brief

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Almost 600 people voted in the undergraduate elections and preliminary results have been announced.

The Winton Faculty Dining Hall is reserved during all meals for Higgins Cafeteria overflow, though the effects of this change remain to be seen as many students are unaware of its potential use or even of its existence.  

$410 from the Advocacy Fund was allocated to Sharon Bort to attend a conference. $1,480 from the Equipment fund was allocated to the Quidditch team and $1,380 was allocated to the club hockey team.

Treasurer Alex Marshall is holding office hours, particularly for club treasurers, on Mondays from 1:15 to 2:45 and Wednesdays from 2 to 3:30. He is also looking for an assistant treasurer.

CUSC feels that one of their treasurers from last year, who has since left Clark, made “egregious” errors, but does not want to penalize clubs because of this individual’s mistakes. The council wants to bring every club up to its allocated balance, which could cost as much as $26,000.  

Almost 600 people voted in the undergraduate elections and each council spot has been filled.