09/19/2013: CUSC in brief

by Hannah Rosenblum

CUSC elections are coming up. Voting will take place online, on September 23 and 24. And there are still some positions with no candidates; please contact CUSC if you are interested in running.

CUSC estimates that as many as 450 people watched the pre-election debates on Sunday. CUSC hopes to start broadcasting their meetings live, online, to increase accessibility, and may start doing so as soon as next week.

The Council allocated $895 from the Advocacy Fund to J Street U to attend a national conference. $90 was allocated to Jonathan Dana for transport to New York for a Clinton Foundation event.

Next, the Acts of Kindness club charter was approved. CUSC thought their charter was “A-O.K.”  

On Wednesday, September 25, there will be a safety forum. All Clark students are invited to ask questions, share their opinions, and voice their concerns. Chief Goulet, Paul Wykes, Jack Foley, and a representative from the Worcester Police will be present. The event will take place from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Treasurer Alex Marshall divulged that altogether clubs spent $26,000 over budget last year.

The Clark Cable Network was given $12,000 from the Council’s surplus. Part of this allocation will pay for a contract cancelation, which will save the Council a significant amount of money in coming years.

The Council has lessened their in-person office hours but will generally respond to questions, comments, and concerns within 48 hours.

CUSC’s updated website now includes a feedback section. This page can be found at: http://web.clarku.edu/students/cusc/feedback.