09/12/2013: CUSC in brief

By Hannah Rosenblum

CUSC is back in action for the 2013-2014 year, working hard to serve Clark students’ needs. This week’s meeting involved multiple personnel changes. Nick Gerber was appointed to the Judiciary Committee. Crystal Carpenter was appointed to the Affirmative Action and Sexual Respect Committee. Valerie Johnson was appointed to the Development and Alumni Affairs Committee, while Dylan Sansone was appointed to the Social Responsibility Committee.  

Two Grant Committee allocations were made this week. Salsa Encendida asked for $2100 and was granted $1500 instead. Club Tennis was allocated $2500 for a coach. Mike McKenna has strongly encouraged each club sport to have a coach and suggested that amount.

The club charters for both the Global Health Club and the Pre-Med Society were approved.

Student Council members Rian Watt and Sami Noor attended the Worcester Student Government Association meeting at College of the Holy Cross. The ssociation seeks to advocate collectively for students in the Worcester area, work together on community engagement and community development projects, and serve as a liaison between the member schools and Worcester businesses. The Association has monthly meetings, which all students are invited to observe.

Clark elections are coming up! Wright Hall, Maywood Hall, and the senior class have no candidates. The debate will be held online on September 15 from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Questions can be submitted to [email protected] or texted to 847-687-3099. The debate will be moderated by Jeremy Levine ‘15, of The Scarlet, Curran O’Donoghue ‘14, of CCN, and Alex Hoyt ‘14, of ROCU.

CUSC’s updated website now includes a feedback section. This page can be found at http://web.clarku.edu/students/cusc/feedback