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Editor Of The Week: Arianna Reyes

Will Mahan, Scarlet Staff February 28, 2020

The Scarlet: “So Ari, you have been a big part of the Scarlet for a while now. Tell us how it all began.” Ari: “Well I was a freshman, and I really didn’t know what I wanted to do at Clark....

Courtesy of NPR

Student Workers Suddenly Deemed Essential, Due to Pandemic

Katherine Hamilton, Editor-in-Chief April 28, 2020

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, college students across the globe have transformed from minimum-wage servers and cashiers to “essential workers.” In Massachusetts, many restaurants remain open for takeout,...

Our Staff

February 23, 2020

Annie Sinert Arianna Reyes Claire McMahon Constance Wright Drashhti Bilimoria Elyse Wyatt Emma Theisen Evelyn Ford Gari De Ramos Hannah Ortiz Jessie Garbeil Joshua Canning Julia...

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