News of the Weird: 5 Odd Topics in News this Week

Phoebe Cohen, Contributing Writer

1. Put Your Heart Into It

In Verviers, Belgium, construction workers at the city’s old stone fountain renovation site got a hearty surprise encased in the rock. The city’s former mayor, Pierre David, had his heart preserved in ethanol and buried in the fountain. David, the first mayor of Verviers, was said to have died from falling off a building. After his death, and with permission from his family, a fountain was built in his honor and named Fountaine David while his heart was preserved in a metal encasing. The box was placed into the newly built Fountaine David in 1883, where it apparently laid for over a century until its recent unearthing this past week. It is currently on display at the Verviers Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics, where it will stay until the fountain has been completely renovated. Although pre-existing civil records showed that his heart had been put in the fountain, no one really believed it. At least … until now.

Source: Put Your Heart Into It

2. Fire Fly

In France this week, a man had been sitting down at his table for dinner when a fly came buzzing around his table. To put the pest to rest, he grabbed his electric fly swatter to kill the fly, unaware of the gas leak in his home. The electricity from the fly swatter caused a reaction with the gas, resulting in a small explosion. Reportedly, no one was injured and the man walked away with just a few burns on his hand and an interesting story to tell his family. We reached out to the fly for commentary, but have received no response thus far.

Source: Fire Fly

3. #beastmode

Club Pellikaan, a gym in the Netherlands, had a special beast come to train this week—a venomous one. The 8-foot-long snake was found right in front of the building when an employee was moving some pipes from the front entrance. The local animal service, The Amersfoort Animal Ambulance, came to the scene and called a specialist to help deal with the snake situation. The snake was identified as a venomous king cobra snake. It is suspected that the creature was someone’s pet, and had somehow managed to escape. Currently the snake is in the care of the snake expert while the snake’s owner, if there is indeed an owner, is found. The snake was reportedly there on Leg Day!

Source: #beastmode

4. Y’know What Really Gets My Goat?

Civil paper deliveries, apparently. A sheriff delivering legal documents to a home in Georgia found a goat had gotten into her patrol vehicle and had started to chew up some of her paperwork. The goat even went as far as to knock over a beverage inside of the car. After its meal, the goat got out while headbutting the frazzled sheriff to her knees, making a clean and graceful getaway. To date, authorities have not caught the suspect. The animal has proven that it is, quite literally, the G.O.A.T of the ACAB movement.

Source: Y’know What Really Gets My Goat?

5. Say Cheese (burgers)

Want to get paid to eat burgers? A company is offering $500 and an all expenses paid trip to travel around the U.S. to find and rate the best burger. The Amsterdam company BonusFinder is currently on a quest to find the best burger in the USA. The burgers will be graded based on criteria such as patty texture, bun softness, and sauce taste. Applications close October 10.

Source: Say Cheese (burgers)