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The Scarlet is the newspaper of Clark University, and is written, laid-out, and compiled exclusively by students. The Scarlet is published weekly and is delivered to various locations on campus, including the University Center and Academic Commons on Friday afternoons. Staff meetings are on Tuesday nights at 8:00 p.m. in the first floor Maywood Lounge.


Meet Our Editors

Arianna Reyes, Editor-In-Chief

Ari has just stepped into the role of our editor-in-chief. She is a sophomore, majoring in International Development and Social Change with a concentration in genocide and Holocaust studies. As well as being our editor-in-chief she is part of Variant Dance Troupe and is the secretary for STAND. In her spare time, she loves doing makeup, writing,  and going on impulsive adventures.




Josh Canning, Managing Editor

Nandita Modhubonti, Living Arts Editor

Nandita is a Sophomore double majoring in Political Science and Psychology. Originally from Bangladesh, she lived in South Asia, Africa and briefly Europe before moving to the United States for college. She started writing for The Scarlet during her first semester at Clark and was a Staff Writer before assuming her current position as LArts editor. In addition to writing, Nandita loves to read, spend time with friends and family and sing. She is also known to harbor an undying affection for dogs and plans to visit Antarctica someday.

Jason FehrnstromOpinions Editor


Mina Koenka, Photo Editor

Our photo editor Mina is a current sophomore, majoring in Business Management and minoring in Theater Arts. Her mom is from Greece, and she has been to Greece five times. She is very excited to have this position because she loves photography and has her own photography business, Sunset Ridge Photography.



Emily Savitt, Social Media/Web Editor

Emily is a sophomore, majoring in Psychology and double minoring in education and entrepreneurship. She is excited to have this position because she loves social media. In addition to being obsessed with social media, Emily loves to spend time with friends, catch up on her favorite tv shows, and sleep

Drashhti Bilimoria, Layout Editor


Drashhti is a sophomore Management/English double major. She joined the Scarlet because she loves to write and wanted to improve her writing skills. A fun fact about her is that she’s obsessed with cookie dough.



Ryan King, General Manager


Staff Writers:

Oscar Bauman
Kaila Skeet-Browning Max Elias
Maya Hough Katherine Hamilton Jacob Lonon
Sarah Reinbrecht Andrew Rose
Monica Sager
Maral Askari Sirchi

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