The student newspaper of Clark University

The Scarlet

The student newspaper of Clark University

The Scarlet

The student newspaper of Clark University

The Scarlet


For general inquiries or to submit a tip, please contact us by:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (508)-421-2266

Submission Guidelines

All submissions may be sent to [email protected].

General Submissions

No prior experience or application process is required to contribute to The Scarlet – all Clark students are welcomed to submit their work and attend public meetings. We do request, however, that all works submitted adhere to the following standards:

  • Includes a title and subheading, if applicable. Subject to change at the discretion of the Editors.
  • No indents, extra spaces at the beginning of paragraph, etc.
  • Please send your work as a Microsoft Word-compatible file – no PDFs or pages. 
  • We welcome works of all lengths – but be concise!
  • If you have photographs, graphics, or other media you would like to accompany your work, ensure that the media is properly attributed to its author. Please send the graphics separately from the Word file in your email.
  • Use media only you have explicit permission for – otherwise, please select media protected under a Creative Commons license.

Letters to the Editor

The Scarlet accepts signed letters addressed to the Editor at a maximum of 250 words. This is an opportunity for any community member to address The Scarlet’s Editors directly.


Op-eds should be between 500 and 700 words. Op-eds should address an issue relevant to the Clark community, though Clark does not have to be the primary subject. The opinion should be well-informed and focused on a particular issue.

NOTICE: The opinions expressed in The Scarlet do not necessarily reflect the official position of the University or its faculty or staff. The Scarlet reserves the right to refuse any submission for any reason. The Editors may alter any accepted work or retract it at a later date at their discretion. Works submitted under the name of another person or under a false name will be rejected – as will any submission advocating for or promoting hate speech, discrimination, or libel.