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Letter to the Editor: Promoting the Decker/Garballey 100% Renewable Energy Act

Valerie Vong, Contributing Writer

July 11, 2020

To the editor: Climate change is an existential threat to every single life form on this planet. For years, confirmation of climate change has been evident and rampant, and will only continue to impact our environment if leaders...

Letter to the Editor: The Need for Youth Voter Turnout

Izzy Oehlerich, Contributing Writer

June 25, 2020

Democracy is constantly being challenged in our world today. We as Americans need to remain true to our values and take advantage of our right to vote. Getting a strong and consistent youth voter turnout is so important in upcoming ...

Letter to the Editor

March 28, 2013

On the topic of Kosher Kitchens To the Editor: We are thrilled to announce the addition of a new Kosher kitchen and the availability of Kosher food at Clark.  This decision, which was made possible by President David Angel, truly demon...

Peace Week Paradox

March 14, 2013

By Amanda McQuade This past Wednesday on February 20, Clarkies Helping and Advocating for Israel (CHAI) brought two Israeli soldiers to speak at Clark for their Israel Peace Week. CHAI held a number of events throughout the week meant to “promot[e] and advocat[e] for Israel.” While the event certai...

Meatless Mondays: Starting the week off right

March 14, 2013

By Erica Meier, ’96 (BA in Sociology and Environmental Policy) As an alumna of Clark University, I was thrilled to learn that campus dining services implemented Meatless Monday a few years ago and students are now offered a wide range of deliciou...

Letters to the Editor

October 18, 2012

Republican Scott Brown’s Policies Harmful for Clark University Students Clark University students, whether or not you’re originally from Massachusetts, you should be deeply concerned about the policies promoted by Republican...

Letters to the Editor

March 30, 2012

Concerned resident speaks about Downing Street To the editor: This letter is intended as a commentary from a long-standing resident of the Clark University neighborhood, regarding the cumulative effect of Clark’s decade l...

Are Clarkies getting the whole picture?

April 2, 2011

No, says one concerned citizen Dear Editor, While it is true that students at Clark are blessed to be enrolled in a progressive, liberal arts college that purports to offer a life-changing experience that can help change this world, ...

To the Editor: Wisconsin unions: counterpoint

March 26, 2011

By Calvin Choi, ‘12 In the March 3rd, 2011 edition of The Scarlet, Gerald E. Buker discussed the Wisconsin bill in his article “What’s disgusting? Union busting!”As of March 18th, the recently passed law, which limit...

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