The Scarlet

The Vagina Monologues Brings a Range of Women’s Experiences to the Clark Stage

Oscar Kim Bauman, Scarlet Staff

February 22, 2019

On February 15th and 16th, in Atwood Hall, Clark’s production of The Vagina Monologues presented a wide range of experiences about women’s sexual and personal identities, ranging from the humorous to the heart-wrenching. Pro...

Drinking Habits

Kenny Liappes, Contributing Writer

February 22, 2019

This past weekend the Regatta Players, a local theatre group based in Shrewsbury, Mass. put on a production of Drinking Habits, a play written by Tom Smith. The play is a form of comedic farce that tells the story of two reporters, Sall...

Clark Artists Reign at the Arts Worcester’s 15th Annual College Show

Kaila Skeet Browning, Scarlet Staff

February 22, 2019

On Friday February 1, the entryway to the ArtsWorcester gallery was crowded with families, Clark students, and other members of the Worcester community. All of them had one thing in common: a love of art and an interest in the w...

Shakespeare and Company Performs “Hamlet” for Clark and Worcester Audience

Monica Sager, Scarlet Staff

February 22, 2019

Shakespeare and Company performed  Hamlet at the Little Center Wednesday, February 13 as part of the group’s Northeast regional tour of Shakespeare. Hamlet “is a play—possibly the play—that speaks to us on the most p...

Mid90’s: Growing Up With Jonah Hill

Jason Fehrnstrom, Opinions Editor

February 15, 2019

The most beautiful thing about “coming of age” films is that they have the capacity to resonate with disparate audiences, regardless of where, when and how the film takes place. Conceivably, the literal content of the film...

Overlord: A Fast-Paced Historical Thriller With a Scary Twist

Jason Fehrnstrom, Opinions Editor

February 8, 2019

This past week students and community members gathered for a Clark University Film Society screening of Overlord, a fast-paced, ravishing revisionist World War 2 movie turned nazi-zombie thriller. The film, which was released this p...

“Who Would Jesus Deport:” An Anti-Trump Declaration Like No Other

Katherine Hamilton, Editor-In-Chief

December 10, 2018

Who would Jesus deport? It’s a question you may not have asked yourself, but one that will stick with you like a bumper sticker that someone else put on your car. It is indeed a question that could only emerge from the mind...

Keeping You on Your Toes: The Nutcracker at Clark University

Katy Flesher, Contributing Writer

December 10, 2018

I haven't seen The Nutcracker since I was a Brownie at a classical rendition of the musical at my local theater; all I can remember is not having a good time. However, this was not the case for Clark's production of the musical. ...

Crimes of Grindelwald is More Muddled than Magical

Oscar Kim Bauman, Scarlet Staff

December 10, 2018

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, the second film in the David Yates-directed Harry Potter spin-off franchise, is less of a film in its own right, and more of a two-hour trailer for future films. Or maybe a live reading of a P...

Clark’s Musical Talent Shines Through At Cougarfest

Colleen Falconer, Contributing Writer

December 10, 2018

Friday night saw plenty of Clarkies packed into Tilton Hall for Cougarfest, a music festival with a lineup of entirely Clark bands and performers. Running from 9 in evening to 11 at night, the festival offered a warm vibe; handmade p...

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