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September 20, 2013

Clarkie of the Week: Shady Akshobhya

March 28, 2013

Shady Akshobhya is a senior at Clark majoring in Political Science. He was born in Tibet, but grew up in India, Australia, and New York. Shady shared with me his many interests as well as his various philosophies on life. Sca...

Clarkie of the Week: Alec Willis

February 7, 2013

Alec Willis is a sophomore from Tewksbury, MA who is planning to double major in Music and Spanish with a minor in Philosophy. Despite his unique talent of playing flamenco guitar, he is a very humble guy. I asked Alec about his interesting hobby. Scarlet: Why don’t you want to be Clarkie of the Week? Alec: Well I mean...

Clarkie of the Week: Stuart Spivak

January 31, 2013

Stuart Spivak is a First Year at Clark from Manhattan who plans to major in Management. He has a large presence on campus as one of Clark’s main DJs and has made a name for himself at local Worcester venues as well. I interviewed Stuart about his interes...

Clarkie of the Week: Anna Liebling

January 27, 2013

By Anna Spack  scarlet staff Anna Liebling is a First Year at Clark from Philadelphia who plans to major in Peace Studies with a concentration in Race & Ethnic Relations. She is involved in many activities around campus, including a club she helped start called Operation Meditation (OM). ...

Clarkie of the Week: Sharon Bort

December 7, 2012

                        By Anna Spack  Scarlet Staff Sharon Bort is a junior at Clark from Green Brook, New Jersey. She is majoring in Global Environmental Studies and has played a huge role in implementing...

Clarkie of the Week: Cameron Davis from SPOC

November 19, 2012

Cameron Davis from SPOC By Anna Spack scarlet staff Cameron Davis is on the eboard of SPOC, a.k.a. Science-Fiction People of Clark. He is a sophomore from Concord, MA who is majoring in economics. I interviewed Cameron about the club, his role in it, and their recent campus-...

Clarkie of the Week: Hip Hop Collabo

November 11, 2012

Eboard of Hip Hop Collabo By Anna Spack scarlet staff This week I interviewed five members on the eboard of Hip Hop Collabo, Clark’s hip hop group which has its semester show coming up this Friday and Saturday. The members ...

Clarkie of the Week: Crystal Fam

November 5, 2012

By Anna Spack  Scarlet Staff Crystal Fam is a senior at Clark and the president of Clark’s International Students Association (ISA). She is from Singapore and is double majoring in Communication & Culture and Geography. I i...

Clarkie of the Week: Skye Wingo

October 25, 2012

Skye Wingo by Anna Spack Scarlet Staff This week I interviewed Skye Wingo, a First Year from Cleveland, Ohio who is planning to major in Screen Studies and minor in Management or Entrepreneurship. I asked Skye about his passion for filmmaking and his role as...

Clark World Cup: a photo essay

October 19, 2012

by Anna Spack...

Clarkie of the Week: Kevin Martin

October 18, 2012

By Anna Spack Scarlet Staff   Over the course of your time at Clark you may have seen a young man riding around campus on a very tall unicycle and wondered, “Who is this mysterious fellow?” Well never fear, all your ...

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