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CUSC Split Over $100k Proposal

Jessica Macey, Executive Editor

Clark University Student Council voted on a $100k cumulative surplus proposal aimed at creating opportunities for student business ventures. The proposal was split into three parts: Clark Student Enterprises, Clark Student...

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Scarlet Letter

Ethan Giles, Editor in Chief

Digital cameras have killed spontaneity. Don’t get me wrong, the ability to easily take a picture and upload it to multiple platforms is incredibly useful and helpful in today’s modern world. I could not imagine bein...

February 28No Comments

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Invisible Art

Daniel Juarez, Managing Editor

Excitement filled Higgins Lounge on Thursday, the room brimming with students, faculty, and everyday art enthusiasts conversing in anticipation for the event to take place that night. All sound died down...

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  • “Create a Culture, a Context, a Community” March 3
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  • Yoni Ki Baat March 3

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The student news site of Clark University
The student news site of Clark University