Actual Reasons for a PS5, Sony PS5 Showcase September 2021

Mikel Frith, Contributing Writer

Getting a PS5 costs an arm and a leg, even though the now-current generation console has been released for almost a year now. With these games coming out within the next year or so, Sony might be finally letting go of the PS4 and moving on to fully supporting the PS5. There’s little to no mention of PS4 support for any of these games, however, Playstation is ready to take some steps forward as seen in its Playstation Showcase. 

The showcase, shown on a live stream on September 9,  starts off with a remake of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, which according to my research is the PlayStation exclusive remake of an Xbox exclusive game. Kind of a power-move from Sony, starting their showcase with a game that wasn’t originally, but now is exclusively on their console. Other than the reveal of Darth Revan, nothing else is shown in the trailer.

Next on the list is the reveal of the new in-the-works Korean hack-and-slash game, Project EVE. First impressions of the game give off a Bayonetta-Esque combat style and a NieR-like atmosphere. It’s obvious the developers want the attention of a certain demographic with this trailer, but the environment and fluidity in the cutscenes are impressive for the first console game this studio has worked on.

Another game, following Project EVE, is Tiny Tina’s Wonderland. Borderlands fans might be pleased to know that Tiny Tina makes a comeback as the dungeon master of a Borderlands D&D spin-off game. In Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, Tina embarks on a quest through a magical world of her creation and blasts away all the enemies you come across in spectacular fashion. It of course wouldn’t be Tina approved without some high-octane explosives and firearms fit for the Borderlands series.

Next in the showcase was a quick appearance by Square Enix with a story set up for Playstation’s upcoming release, Forspoken. We get an introduction to Frey Holland and the mysterious cuffs that band up her forearm, bestowing her with supernatural abilities. This game has a lot of potential for a large open-world explorer, and the abilities Frey displays could make traversing such a world and encountering its dangers a unique experience.

A new potential as well is Ubisoft introducing us to their latest entry of the Rainbow Six franchise, Rainbow Six: Extraction. The team faces a threat of unfamiliar origin, an alien blight that infects people and endangers the planet. The opponent’s turn from facing other humans to creatures that honestly look like they are upgraded versions of Left 4 Dead enemies. It’s also one of the only games in this showcase that will also be available on PS4.

Following Rainbox Six is Ghostwire Tokyo. Ghostwire Tokyo seems to take a new spin on the post-apocalyptic genre. The game’s main enemies are the demon-like people that have populated Tokyo, and possibly the man in the oni mask that appears on screens before the main character, holding the life of a significant other in his hands. There’s just enough info given in the trailer to leave viewers with questions that they want to be answered.

Similarly on a post-apocalyptic note, Vampire the Masquerade Blood Hunt shows us a Dead by Daylight-style team shooter where vampires with guns is a seemingly normal occurrence. Toreadors, Nosferatu, and Brujah classes have been shown here, with different customizations for both the vampires and the team that mobilizes against them. Possibly even a vampire vs. vampire mode, instead of just vampires and humans.

On a different note, Deathloop makes another appearance, now with more information on the circumstances that put Colt on the island. Tasked with regaining his memory and taking down the 8 figureheads that stand between him and his goal, Colt must devise a strategy taking advantage of the time loop he’s trapped in and the messages he keeps receiving to break the loop and leave the island in 24 hours.

Following Deathloop, the trailer for Tchia takes a break from the intense violence to bring us around an island based in New Caledonia. Tchia is an island exploration game where Tchia’s main objective is to discover the meaning of Meavora and seek it out. Using her special eye to enter and take control of the animals she sees; she can traverse the island and uncover all its secrets. It gives off major Legend of Zelda vibes, especially of the Toon Link games, in animation and vibe.

For another vibe, Marvel fans also get treated to a lot from this showcase. Guardians of the Galaxy drops more info involving a new antagonist in the Church of Truth, Insomniac Games shows a sneak peek of a new Wolverine game, and (Insomniac Games, once again) Spider-Man 2 with not only Miles Morales and Iron Spider, but Venom, seemingly as a villain like he was before popularity made him a protagonist.

Finally, the game most Sony fans have been waiting for after it was revealed at the last showcase: God of War: Ragnarok. Kratos is back, the boy looks more mannish, and a new face makes an overbearing appearance in Tyr. The Blades of Chaos are out in full fashion and Atreus has some new skills in the form of spirit animals he can ride around in battle. And to end on another good note, aside from the high value of all the animation and visual graphics, Angrboda, a new character introduced at the end of the trailer, has some of the best hair on a darker-skinned character since Miles in Spider-Man Miles Morales.

It’s looking up for people who have PS5’s right now. Sony’s going all-out with all these reasons for people to start upgrading to the new generation console. This showcase had enough content to appeal to gamers of all kinds. There was even a bit on Gran Turismo 7 and games like Alan Wake and Uncharted that are getting remakes or ports to the PS5 so there’s a little bit of something for everyone.