Falsification of Need to satisfy our Greed

Manish Kumar, Contributing Writer

I strongly believe that the growth of the human race has been a story of never-ending needs and the ways of fulfilling them through discoveries and inventions. We, as a species, are never fully satisfied and, thus, keep creating new needs and ways to satisfy them. This greed and desire to harness the uncontrolled forces of nature and to be the supreme lord of the universe has kept mankind on its toes. The evolutionary transition from animal to man has been a relentless one and has pushed mankind to conquer new heights. We are so obsessed with our desire for supremacy that we try to control all that nature offers us – be it fire, water, wind and everything visible or invisible. Human growth has been so rampant that we ourselves have very little time to adapt to the new normal and to try and understand or analyze the consequences that our deeds are going to have on the future of earth. And then, how sustainable will the so-called advancement that we brag to have achieved actually be?

So, the most pertinent thought is to ponder and debate whether we are needy or greedy. Being supreme doesn’t only mean technological growth, but it should be well evaluated and futuristic as well. Additionally, there must be a balance and strict adherence to the laws of nature for the physical as well as mental wellbeing of mankind. Human’s greed amounting to incessant and indiscriminate exploitation of mother nature has not only led to overburdening of the natural resources, but also to the irreversible climatic changes threatening our very existence. 

It reminds me of the story of how the foolish farmer killed his most desired possession, a hen who used to lay a single golden egg daily. He thought that by killing the hen he may get all the golden eggs in one go instead of waiting to get one daily. The result was not much different from what we as humans are suffering from now. We are rapidly losing our natural resources, even the ones we took for granted like air and water, thereby pushing ourselves towards dark and uncertain times ahead. Isn’t this truth so intriguing? That the same water which is scarce enough to quench our thirst, is threatening to drown the globe and make it a water mausoleum? Just food for thought!

The recent assessment report (sixth edition) from IPCC (The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – A United Nation body for assessing the science related to climate change) regarding global warming shows the grim reality of our mother earth. The clarion call of the climate crusaders to go all out, guns blazing, to protect the very existence of humans from themselves is as real as the sun rising in the east. 

Alas! Burying our head in sand could have solved our problem but that is not possible however earnestly we wish that to happen. Refer the excerpts from the AR6 report of IPCC published on 09th of Aug, 2021

This is not the only warning sign that we are hearing – natural forces are reminding us of the dire consequences through the increased natural disasters in the form of rain, snow, tsunamis, landslides, flash floods and epidemics, to list just a few. An article in India Today, dated 10th Aug, is an eye opener and talks about the NASA study based on IPCC AR6 report of IPCC. The space agency has identified 12 coastal Indian cities that are likely to bear the brunt of climate change and may be entirely submerged in the sea if the situation is not addressed. And the beleaguered earth’s suffering won’t stop here; the changes are going to be irreversible. 

The point that I am trying to make by citing the above examples is the requirement of desperate measures that are required to curtail the devastating impact of climate change. We are literally sitting on a ticking time bomb, and the worst part is we still have no clue when it is going to explode. It really is so agonizing to see young kids living in insecurity and fear of stepping out into hostile environments. The constant fear of increased natural disasters and survival of mankind in these testing times, really sends jitters through the spine. We may have progressed enough to start thinking of a life on Mars, but our prudence goes for a toss when we start thinking of doing a bit for our mother earth. Our own IQ has become our enemy lashed with greed and inconsideration, like the autoimmune disease trying to shatter its own immunity. Time to poise, to think, to believe, to act, and to put all the effort for a sustainable future. A green future, a future free of self-inflicted wounds, a future our children and generations to come may cherish. The time to rise is now – before it’s too late

Depleting glaciers and rising sea levels we have a future so unstable,

Forests are burning all day and night looks like we are headed for a dreadful plight,

World is gasping to find a breath pushing the mankind to its death

Doesn’t it ask for a clarion call, or are we waiting for the total turmoil.

Let’s wake up and save our earth, our future and our children and their right to take birth.

Take birth in the world free of poison and safe and beautiful like the heavens!!!