Massachusetts Must Pass the 100% Clean Act – Letter to the Editor

Alex Kawa, Contributing Writer

According to IPCC scientists, we are in “a code red for humanity.” The impacts of the climate crisis have already begun. Here in Massachusetts, we’re already seeing these; disappearing beaches, heavily polluted communities being hit especially hard by COVID-19, and the distinct threat of Boston being underwater in less than a century Additionally, the impending impacts are worse than originally projected. These facts present us with a sense of urgency to save our only home before it becomes uninhabitable for our generation, as well as for those of the future.

There is, however, a reason to be hopeful. The Massachusetts General Court is currently considering a bill called the 100% Clean Act (H.3288, S.2136) which would transition the Commonwealth to 100% clean electricity by 2035, and to 100% clean heating and transportation by 2045. This would be the single strongest clean energy law in America if it passes, and can serve as a model for future legislation in other states. If we want to secure a livable future for ourselves and for future generations, continuing our reliance on fossil fuels is not an option. Massachusetts must commit to 100% renewable energy now, and we must pass the 100% Clean Act.