Letter to the Editor: The 100% Clean Act

Ella Henry, Contributing Writer

Our world is ever changing, and as we make our way through the 21st century we are facing – and will continue to face – the exacerbated effects of climate change. For centuries, corporations have been emitting harmful toxins into the air. Humans and the environment are fighting a war in which there will be no winner. 

As a young girl growing up in Maine, I experienced beautiful summers and snow-filled winters. However, as I get older, the lived experiences I had as a child have not been the same. Our summers have become unpredictable: one day it is cold and rainy, and the next is sweltering hot. Our winters once meant snow banks on the sidewalks at least four feet tall, but now we are lucky if we see a single foot. This reality for states across the country and nations across the globe is due to climate change.

It is not too late to fight back against the climate crisis. Currently, Massachusetts has proposed the 100% Clean Act. If this bill is passed, it would convert the state to utilizing 100% renewable energy for electricity by the year 2035, and 100% clean heating and transportation energy by 2045. This would significantly reduce the amount of fossil fuels and carbon emissions being put into our air. 

Action must be taken before it is too late and bills such as the 100% Clean Act are monumental in the effort to save the environment and the earth we occupy.