It’s Time for 100% Clean Energy in Massachusetts

Marcella Kamishlian, Contributing Writer

As the beginning of winter approaches, I find myself looking forward to the heavy snowfall I experienced as a child growing up in Massachusetts. However, I am continuously faced with the reality of increasing temperatures and global warming, knowing the experience I had will likely not be repeated. By 2050, there is already a predicted increase of 2.86.4 in Massachusetts. The lure of escaping life by venturing the Cape has also lost its grandeur, with the rising sea levels creating erosion of up to 3.8 feet a year. I have always enjoyed the beaches of Provincetown, but I now do so knowing they probably will not be there for my children to see.

Although climate extremes are difficult to combat both as a single nation and as an international community, many of us who live here have stepped up and fought to protect the state of Massachusetts. We recognize that global warming hurts the most vulnerable, and have repeatedly taken the lead in passing legislation focused on confronting the reality of climate change. We have already followed through with our commitment to reducing emissions by 25% by 2020. The next step we must take is committing to 100% renewable energy by passing the 100% Clean Act. This landmark piece of legislation would see Massachusetts transition to 100% clean electricity by 2035, and 100% clean energy for heating and transportation by 2045. Although we cannot control emissions from the rest of the nation nor the world, the tools for change are already in our backyard. We must utilize them and regain our place in leading the country to protect our home.