A Warm and Pleasant Spree Day

Jason Shrem, Scarlet Staff

The Spree Day celebration at Clark began very early in the morning on Tuesday, April 12. Freshmen were woken up to the sounds of loud music and pots and pans being banged together by upperclassmen who yelled “wake up!” over and over out in the halls. This was at roughly 5:30 in the morning, though formal registration for Spree Day activities began at 9:00 a.m. The day begins very early because students know they must make the most of this once-a-year tradition. This was the first Spree Day in three years due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is simply a day devoted to relaxation and spring outdoor amusement for students before the final exam period. 

It was a bit cold and rainy in the morning, though that would change later in the day. There was a line of students all looking to receive a yellow bracelet outside of Atwood Hall. The bracelet allowed them to enter the green where they received breakfast and perused the activities being set up.

As the weather outside got warmer and the rain subsided, there were more and more students gathered on the green for music, tie-dye, games, and lunch. The President’s Barbeque was something that many students looked forward to. Unfortunately, when students received an email from President Fithian that he had tested positive for COVID-19, Clarkies were saddened and wished him a speedy recovery.

In the afternoon, it started to look like a festival at Clark. The sun was out and it was nearly seventy degrees. Students were lined up at food trucks on the green where ice cream, fried dough, and poutine were served. The main activities ended at four o’clock. The celebration, however, went on for a while.

Many Clark students carried on the celebration with parties of their own. There were several off-campus houses welcoming students for outdoor gatherings. The weather was perfect, and Clark students were pleased to enjoy a Tuesday afternoon free from the stress and responsibility of their schoolwork. In the evening, as the festivities officially ended, most students went to dinner in the dining hall. After the meal, there were s’mores at the fireplace around the back of Jonas Clark Hall, and many students were there enjoying the evening with friends to wrap up Spree Day.

Clark has several annual events throughout the academic year. In the spring, the two major events are the International Gala and, obviously, Spree Day. In the fall semester, the only main event for students is the Midnight Mayhem Men’s Basketball Game. It would be meaningful if the university would sponsor more school-wide gatherings in the winter months, as these are usually difficult times for college students to feel relaxed and content. Spree Day and the Gala are two important opportunities for the Clark administration to see how well these events work out for students in the spring and hopefully will consider similar ones for the community during the colder, darker months. Overall, Spree Day was a perfect demonstration of the Clark community’s ability to foster a day of kindness that was pleasant for all.